Thursday, January 14, 2010

Educator Appreciation Days

Hopefullly everyone has the Barnes and Noble Educator’s card!

It’s something that you get free at Barnes and Noble, and your purchases are always 20% off! (Text books not included.)

I’ve never had anyone ask me if particular books are for school, but since we’re unschoolers, I figure everything is legitimate, and that’s my attitude.

Anyway – their card is now a hard, plastic card, instead of the old paper one, and your card can also be used now for online purchases. And, its for two years, instead of one.

So take in something (your local home educating member card, your voucher, a lesson plan book whatever), and ask them for an educator’s card.

Educator Appreciation Days (25% off books, 10% off dvd’s and music) are online January 13-24, and in store January 16-24.

Happy browsing.

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Jen said...

Ooh! I work at B&N- thank you for the plug. I agree with you that for homeschooling, all materials are educational. Love your blogs- you're quite the cool lady.