Saturday, April 5, 2008

About the Growing Naturally Project

W e B e l i e v e :

In living some of life on the outside of doors.
In wanting to be a friend to the Earth.
That being a child who is familiar and fascinated with rocks, birds, mosses,
squirrels, tracks, lizards, bugs, rivers, seashells, frogs, ducks, or mud puddles is a
Grand Thing To Be.
In enjoying walks in the rain.
In snowshoeing on a mountainside.
In recycling, and teaching little ones to do so.
In servicing the Earth once in a while.
That magnifying glasses are important.
Perhaps that dirt under the fingernails is always appropriate.
In wild bird seed and hummingbird feeders.
In hummingbird and butterfly gardens in your backyard.
In leaving a couple of weeds in our gardens alone because the beneficial spiders
call them home.
In making wishes with dandelions.
In birdbaths.
In hanging laundry on the line.
That homemade cookies are best.
In collecting leaves in the fall, gathering colorful rocks out of stream beds in the summertime, putting dandelions in a budvase when they're offered to you, and catching snowflakes on your tongue.
In gardening in a way that is friendly to the earth .
That raspberries right off the canes are the tastiest.
In decorating for winter holidays with strands of cranberries, popcorn,
and orange slices for outdoor animal friends.
That books long to be read while lying blissfully in the shade of a favorite tree.
In going barefoot.
In experiencing the morning's first cuppa while sitting in the sun,
urging it to warm the earth and our selves.
We believe in painting outdoors.
In collecting acorns and pinecones.
In compost.
And earthworms.
In visits to the natural history museum.
And local farms.
In dirty feet and gingham dresses dangling from a tire swing.
In catching frogs -or trying to- and chasing lizards.
In gathering eggs and patting the nose of your favorite cow every morning... if you're lucky.
That it's important to know where the best fishin' is at any time of the year.
In open windows.
In freckles on noses.

We believe in any or all of these things.
We believe in living the best life --according to our own desires and nature.

* * * * *


piscesgrrl said...

I love this! Thoughts as I read...

None of our raspberries make it inside. They get eaten straight off the canes.

We have the best crop of dandelions this side of the Mississippi.

I'm always a little wary of too-soft hands. Hands are for doing and they oughta show that. :)

pomegranates said...

one of the best lists i have ever read...

Marghanita said...

A wonderful idea. I will have to choose the dandelion as they are a favorite of the Little Humbugs.
I am a children's author and illustrator passionate about connecting kids to nature.