Saturday, April 5, 2008

About List Members

This idea, Growing Naturally, and all it can entail,
can be a bit overwhelming.

The idea of this list is not to make people think that they have to live their lives
according to someone else's standards.
It is not about growing your own cotton
to make your own thread
to weave your own cloth
to make your own clothes.
(But you certainly can if you want to, and please let the rest of us know
exactly How You Did That, should you decide to do so!)

Growing Naturally is for everyone who wants to be more earth-conscious,
who believes in learning about things one finds interesting,
dreams of homesteading, farming, or even gardening,
loves (even the idea of) nature journaling,
enjoys playing in the creek with their babes,
and believes that living life under the sun
and rainclouds
and stars
is time well spent.
It is for everyone who wants to bring to the world the best part of their True Selves.

We make no requirements of our members,
except that you have a love and respect
for our Earth.

And that you believe that none of us ever stops growing.

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KMDuff said...

Very inspiring. :) I love it, the more I understand it. :)