Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Featured: Nature Journals

Sara at Mama Craft has put together some links to Nature Journal ideas.

Featured: Fire!

The wise MamaK has put in her two cents at Frog Creek.
Go check out her gentle version of life's little lessons in the name of "Don't play with fire".

Featured: Learning to Read Contest

Let's start with a link to a give-away, shall we?
Lorilee at Live 'n Learn is giving away a set of Bob Books.
Scoot on over and leave her a comment if you're interested.


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I've been playing with the idea of reformatting this list for a few weeks now.

Thinking that instead of just having it a list (which I personally find valuable, there are lots of great blogs here!), I'd like to feature members' posts that are especially noteworthy.
I'd also like to post with links to great ideas, the occasional call for action regarding political decisions, and anything else relevant to the common ideas of those that link here.

Under the new format, when a member's post is featured here - because it's funny, has a good idea, is interesting, or an Especially Good Day :), I'll leave a comment saying Growing Naturally has featured it and linked to your post.

Currently, there are 44 blogs that are connected here.
A great start for connecting like-minded families!

Hopefully by connecting we can be inspired to create, to love, to enjoy, and to grow.