Thursday, January 8, 2009

Indoor Gardening

Interested in indoor gardening?
In February of last year the Organic Consumer's Association put out an article entitled "Tip: Growing Organic Food Inside Your Home Year-Round".
The article talks about starting a pineapple plant, avocado trees (neither of which will produce fruit indoors, but are lovely), greens, herbs, onions, broccoli, and a few other things.

Many things can be grown indoors over the winter in our window sills.

To check more of the process, visit Mom in Madison - she has some beauties blooming in her home.... in the sub-zero land of Wisconsin!

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KMDuff said...

We have started some pineapple plants! And supposedly in about 2 years we will have our own fresh pineapple! I will blog about it eventually... :)